Photo: Zero Waste Germany Info Stall and Workshop
Photo: Zero Waste Germany Info Stall and Workshop


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You want to be part of the sustainability movement, but don’t know how?

Write us an email or use the live chat to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you and you can always support our work with a financial donation or help us as a volunteer in our projects. 

Whether it is hosting at clothes swap party, joining or running our regional groups, Zero Waste Germany meetings, markets or presentations, we are happy to have you support us.

We can also discuss any project you have in mind and support you in the implementation of those ideas.  


we offer educational programmes


 At Zero Waste Germany, we believe that the majority of people would like to live more sustainably, they just simply don’t know how to and more importantly where to start.

This is where we can help as our goal is a global sustainable society, and we can achieve it only if each one of us know how to live sustainably, acting more effectively and hence saving time and money, having fun and doing something good for the environment and for your health. 

For this reason, we offer the following events:




info stalls on the topic “sustainability in everyday life: A step by step guide”

Workshops on sustainable DIY cleaning and cosmetics products

talks and workshops on the step-by-step guide to sustainability in everyday life (with possible key topics: zero waste, waste avoidance, plastic free, recycling, minimalism)

flea market

clothes swap party

regional groups

Zero Waste regular meetings

exchange market

rubbish clean ups

Zero Waste Plant Power
Zero Waste Plant Power




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on zero waste on the


Zero Waste Plant


Power website





Zero Waste Stammtisch













November 2019



An easy guide to a Zero Waste living: Learn with Zero Waste Plant Power

Zero waste bergedorf regional group

Zero Waste Bergedorf
Zero Waste Bergedorf

talks and workshops on sustainability


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You want to become part of the sustainability movement?

Message us! We look forward to welcoming and meeting you to our organisation.

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