zero waste germany TEam

Zero Waste Germany Team
Zero Waste Germany Team



MARLENA SDRENKA - CEO & Founder Zero Waste Germany
MARLENA SDRENKA - CEO & Founder Zero Waste Germany

Vera Lettau - Senior Project Coordinator  / Coach & Beraterin

Vera Lettau arbeitet seit rund 25 Jahren als Beraterin, Coach und Trainerin. Darüber hinaus engagiert sie sich leidenschaftlich für das Thema Nachhaltigkeit und unterstützt uns unter anderem als Beraterin bei größeren Projekten. 



Vera hält für uns Referentenvorträge zu folgenden Themen: 

  • Zero Waste
  • Nachhaltigkeit im Unternehmen
  • Nachhaltiger Konsum
  • CSR 

Liza shirin - Social media account manager / speaker

Liza Shirin - Junior Social Media Account Coordinator
Liza Shirin - Junior Social Media Account Coordinator

Ana gomez - junior Project Assistant & funding coordinator / speaker

MALTE ROSE - Education Programme Coordinator

Malte Rose - Education Programme Coordinator
Malte Rose - Education Programme Coordinator

Maryam naveed -Junior Fellow - Events and projects early years education

Maryam is an enthusiastic professional from Dubai and specialises in Nutritional Science from UAE University. She has two years of work expertise as a nutritionist and is currently pursing a masters degree. Her academic research focus has been extensively on the food wastage, dietary plans and sustainable food packaging. 


She is an active advocate when it comes to environmental sustainability and is interested in environmentally friendly ways of food packaging to reduce the carbon footprint, as she believes recycling is not always the answer. Maryam is fascinated by the plant-based food predominance in Germany and wishes to incorporate the same in UAE, which in turn, will be an environmentally-friendly approach via green-house gas reduction and at the same time, reduce the incidence of obesity linked chronic disease in the long-term.

She desires to attain the required expertise and skills from her present training and contribute positively to the field of health, sustainability and nutrition in Dubai and United Arab Emirates as a whole. 


  Maryam hält für uns Referentenvorträge zu folgenden Themen:


  • Nachhaltige Ernährung
  • Ökologischer Fußabdruck
  • Ernährung und Gesundheit


Ewa Mirow - project coordinator early years education




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SUSTAINABILITY at Zero waste germany

We stand for sustainability and act accordingly


We lead by example and act sustainably, as we advise our members and partners.


Some examples

  • Information material, business cards, posters and flyers are printed with recycled paper and BIO print colours only, in a resources-saving and low emissions way. (See below for our certificate)
  • We do our banking with the sustainable GLS Bank
  • In our office, we use only Blau Engel certified paper and printer.
  • For our workshops, we provide reusable jars.
  • We create events displays and banners with recycled paper.
  • We only buy regional and organic produce from a nearby Demeter Farmer for the fruit and veg in our offices
  • We make sparkling water with a soda stream instead of buying bottles.
  • We refuse paper towels and use cotton ones.
  • Instead of liquid soap with a plastic dispenser, we use plant-based soap bars.
  • There is only recycled toilet paper in our office.
  • We use only biodegradable cleaning products.
  • We use a worm bin compost for our organic waste.
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Would you like to know more about how you can bring sustainability in your office?

Then write to use and we can develop a strategy together, send information or book a consulting appointment.

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